CUREM innovation

Breathable 3D-tape, with innovative designs, for increased air circulation.

SaniGuard hygiene function
SaniGuard supports the hygiene and protects the matress
highly efectively against mites, bacteria and mould. SaniGuard
is kind to the skin and safe for people and the environment.

Foam layer: CureFeel
Adapts to body contours, Breathes: you sleep
comfortably in a fresh climate, Moisture-regulating:
you stay dry and sleep deeply 

Core: CureBase  
Lets fresh air enter the mattress from below, Promotes
a fresh sleeping climate, Retains its positive characteristics
night after night 

Cover layer: CureSense 
Silky, breathable, moisture-expelling, Highly elastic:
with extra-comfortable shoulder-flex zone, No quilting:
for perfect, seamless support everywhere 

Anti-slip function 
Anti-slip function for the mattress underside.