For every consumer the right bed

„There is no such thing as a “best bed”. There is, however,
a bed or a mattress that is perfectly suited to each and everyone’s
needs“. The preferences and needs of the “right bed” differ
greatly and go in completely different directions worldwide.

We are convinced, due to our large product and brand diversity, that
we perfectly meet the very personal needs and demands of the end
consumer. In order to determine exactly these characteristics and to
reach our goal we went a big step forward in 2014: the construction
of our own, and one and only test center worldwide, the “Good Night´s
SleepLab“. Together with the AEH-Institute in Switzerland, we are
testing our products according to 4 fixed criteria (Hygiene,
Ergonomics, Bed climate, Durability) and publish the results to
aid the trade partners and the end customer.

 In July 2015 all CUREM mattresses have received the certificate
"Quality approved" in the four categories Ergonomics, Hygiene,
Bed Climate and Durability.