Fresh air and conscious breathing are the source of our wellbeing.
They dissolve tensions and fill our bodies with fresh energy, generating
positive effects at all levels. An optimal supply of fresh air is also
essential for restful, stress-free sleep. To create a soothing climate
that is conducive to sleep, the right temperature and optimally
regulated moisture are a must. All CUREM materials therefore
feature an advanced open-cell structure which enables a new
dimension of breathability never before achieved in a visco-elastic
mattress. The result: you sleep all night in a pleasantly fresh bed
and feel relaxed and well-rested the next morning.

Feel how easy it is to stay centred. Let go of the day.
Inhale once consciously, then let your breathing simply
happen. Dissolve the bonds to your body and your own
mind. Utterly relaxed, you sink into peaceful sleep …