Refreshing sleep is a blessing for the body, mind and spirit.
We therefore see it as our personal mission to make our clients the gift of calm,
healthy and soothing sleep. CUREM offers more than conventional visco-elastic
mattresses made of memory foam. We take a holistic path to greater wellbeing
and relaxation.

Whether you’re already sleeping well and want to improve it even further or
would simply like to experience the restoring effect of a good night’s rest every
day of the week, CUREM offers you perfect support at a price you can afford.
Lie down and close your eyes. Relax. Sleep. Wake up.
Refreshed and revitalised. Feel how your entire body is
pleasantly supported. Without pressure. Without tension.


Deep, restful sleep is crucial for leading a life full of vitality. It’s also central to CUREM. CUREM’s adaptable memory foam reliably eliminates pressure points, moulding itself ideally to your entire body. Unlike ordinary foam mattresses, memory foam actively embraces your whole body instead of fighting it. The resulting lack of constraint lets you sleep without pressure. An integrated multizone system makes sure that your spine is optimally positioned by letting your shoulders sink more deeply and supporting the lumbar region. Your body is ideally held, and you enjoy the benefits of better circulation, peaceful sleep, effective stress reduction, and ideal regeneration. As a result, you wake up relaxed and brimming with energy. Everything flows, and your body is perfectly balanced.
You wake up and feel how your entire body is perfectly held
by CUREM. Feel how relaxed your hips, legs and back are.
How do your shoulders and arms feel? What about your
head and neck? Savour the sensation: no pressure, no pain.
You’re completely lucid and filled with energy, and make the
most of the day with the freedom this gives you.