Open-cell structure for outstanding

CUREM mattresses feature an extremely open-cell
structure, achieving a new dimension of breathability
that is impossible in conventional visco-elastic
mattresses. This prevent heat  retention and the
associated warming effect.

Moisture removal

CureFeel optimally removes moisture during
the night to ensure a pleasantly dry sleeping

Adaptable and supportive

CureFeel excels with its ability to adapt to the
human body. The core of special CureBase foam
provides strong yet elastic support that doesn’t
diminish with use. Not even at high temperatures
or high ambient humidity.

Multizone System

A unique multizone system makes sure your
spine is in the best possible position. It allows
your shoulders to sink more deeply while
supporting the lumbar region – thus ideally
balancing your body.

 Long life

CureBase lasts a long time. It maintains both
its form and its functionality, also under the
influence of moisture, warmth and pressure.


CureFeel has been certified under the OEKO-TEX®
Standard 100 (Class 1 for baby articles) as a
halogen- and CFC- free mattress material.
The high-tech CureFeel and CureBase materials
are manufactured in Switzerland to the highest
standards of quality.