CUREM “Ergo”

The CUREM neck support pillow “Ergo”, made of CureFeel
Memory Foam, conforms ideally to the head and neck contours
due to its predetermined ergonomic shape. The neck, shoulders
and the entire body can relax optimally with fresh sleeping
conditions. The pillow is washable at 40° C and is available
in two heights. The cover is washable at 60° C.
CUREM “Ergo” in 2 Größen

CUREM "Classic"

Extremely versatile, that’s the CUREM “Classic” pillow. The CureFeel Memory Foam Flakes filling is both soft and supporting. The material is especially breathable and remains pleasantly dry. The cover is washable at 60° C.

CUREM "Classic Forte"

The CUREM “Classic Forte”, in the traditional shape, has a core made up of CureFeel Memory Foam. It is perfectly suitable for people who prefer a harder lying sensation and good support. The pillow is temperature regulating and is completely washable at 40° C. The cover is washable at 60° C.