Lift the secret of perfect support by combining your CUREM®-Mattress with
the appropriate CUREM®-Frame. Using this combination will enable the
CUREM®-Sleep System to have its refreshing effect on the body, mind and
soul. All the CUREM®-Frames consist of a variety of free moving spring
elements which are flexibly attached to the base, therefore creating a
particularly exact and relaxing pressure distribution, as well as soft, smooth
and dynamic adaptation to every movement. Start the day with the fantastic
feeling of lightness!

CUREM®-Frame „Power“

Turn your bed into cloud 9 since just using it for
sleeping is a real shame. Reading, watching TV,
working, surfing or just relaxing…. why not also
in bed?

The CUREM®-Frame Power promises pure luxury
and puts you in the best position at the touch of
a button by remote control. The back and foot
sections are adjusted using two powerful and
almost silent electric motors which move you
softly, comfortably and smoothly into every
desired position.

Reset-Function, Relax-Position,
splash water protection, electricity
(mains) isolation and emergency
lowering are available in this
power packet.

CUREM®-Frame „Basic“

From CUREM®-Disc-System to Easy-Lift-
Technology, Basic has got everything your
CUREM mattress could wish for.


Every CUREM®-Frame is equipped with the innovative CUREM®-Disc-System in the shoulder and lumbar region. By turning the white disc you can individually adjust the degree of hardness to that you desire.


While the mattress is not being used it will be slightly raised by the spring elements allowing for ideal ventilation from underneath.

CUREM®-Frame „Move“

Move enables you to manually adjust the head
and foot sections. It is also available only with
an adjustable head section. The frame’s 5 zones
provide for a healthy, comfortable sleep.